New website launched

With a muted fanfare I finally launched the website Henko Labs deserves (for now anyway).

Since going out on my own under the guise of Henko Labs in August I only had a holding page with an email address; admittedly it was a pretty stylish holding page, but deep down I know this was nothing more than a glorified "under construction" page last seen in the nineties - all that was missing was a gif of a workman digging up the road - "hey, thanks for visiting, check back soon!" as if.

The original plan was to have all of the content collateral finished in 2 weeks and the holding page would only be needed until the end of August. That's right, I discarded every ounce of experience gained put my own medicine to one side and planned for the impossible.

Three months later "web copy" was still on my to-do list and I realised that I hadn't planned at all. So I booked some time in my own calendar, flexed my Trello muscles and got to it. Within a week I had prototyped a whiteboard version, written draft copy and tested the layout.

And here we are, with a shiny new blog too.

My take away from this is simply that it's easier to find an excuse not to do something because either no-one is paying you for it you simply don't deem it important enough, however making sure you take care of your own business should always be near the top of the agenda.

I hope you find this site useful; if you have any feedback or questions, leave them in the comments below.

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