Marketing Consultancy


Services that are essentially based on conversation to discover the best way to approach a solution can be hard to compartmentalise in an 'off the shelf' manner; nonetheless, there are some services listed below to help illustrate what is on offer. The list isn't exhaustive - if you don't see something you think you need, just ask!


Lead generation and lead nurturing

One of the main responsibilities as a marketer is to bring leads into sales. But, where do these leads come from, what defines a 'lead' and how do you keep hold of one until they're ready to convert? What about existing customers or recycling unqualified opportunities? All these questions - and more - are answered in the lab.


Marketing automation

Definitely the buzz-word technology for B2B and increasingly B2C marketers in this decade, marketing automation can seem mysterious, complicated and expensive at first glance.

For those willing to invest in their digital toolkit, marketing automation will be some of the smartest money you spend.

At the early stages, Henko Labs provides assistance with vendor selection, implementation and integration project management. For those with more mature implementations, campaign or automation workflow design and implementation are available.

Video marketing

You've got some budget, made a video, posted it on YouTube and your website. All that's left is to sit back and wait for the dollars to roll in, right?

Planning to ensure that any marketing content is a good investment should be high on your list, but video can sometimes make people lose their minds and spend money without a care, or video is dismissed as too expensive or too flashy.

Video is a great channel for nurturing leads, giving customer support and explaining complex concepts during on boarding or buyer-discovery; I can work with you to strategise your video approach and how it could best fit within your marketing portfolio, making sure your investment provides the return.
Once we have that sorted and you want to move forward with producing a video, I can be on hand to make explainer videos, screencasts, edit existing footage, provide voiceovers, or manage your video production agency on your behalf.

Tactical and strategic partnerships

With almost 10 years experience in digital marketing and a previous 10 in IT consulting, I'd like to think I've seen my fair share of solutions and dried out countless whiteboard markers.

Sometimes it helps to get an outside-in perspective on your marketing strategy, a big-picture review to make sure you're on the right track. Sometimes you just need an extra pair of experienced hands when under pressure, or are delivering something new.

I'll happily chat through any bespoke requirements you might have with a view to helping you achieve your goals.

Inbound (content) marketing

Earning business through reputation and thought leadership instead of advertising is hard, but ultimately worth it. Partnering with your inbound, content or campaigns team I'll help you get to grips with your content strategy and what you need to do to deliver on it.


Email marketing

No-one likes spam, but with billions of emails sent every day I am not alone in believing email the most effective channel for communication. Getting email right isn't as easy as typing a few sentences and hitting send however, as your junk folder will attest to. With almost a decade of experience deploying email campaigns, I can help you in any area of your email marketing campaign strategy or execution; from subject line and copywriting optimisation to reputation and deliverability improvement via list management, design, testing, regionalisation and everything else in between.

Social media

I am not going to run your Snap feed for you (I am clearly in the wrong demographic) although I can help you figure out the difference between an Instagram story and Facebook live or why you should be using LinkedIn instead of Twitter.

I can help you with how to reach a wider audience through social advertising and help develop a well-rounded strategy. The most-requested work in social is training; getting potential champions up to speed and getting them comfortable with speaking on behalf of your brand. This can be via training materials or sessions tailored to your needs online or in person.

Positive user experience (UX) and customer centricity

Ok, I'll admit it, this isn't really a service on offer. Positive user experience is simply something that is pervasive throughout all work carried out at Henko Labs. Empathy for the human being on the other end of the crazy jumble of wires called the internet is what drives every conversation and every piece of collateral produced. "What's in it for them?" should be the starting point of everything you try and do.

That said, if you already know this and perhaps need help convincing some gatekeepers in your organisation, or need a second opinion on your website, or email campaign then drop me a line, but be warned - I talk about this stuff a lot.

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO)

You've identified your audience, have a great landing page, have executed an award-winning digital campaign and you've hit your sales targets (yay). Most people would be popping the cork on some bubbly or treating themselves to the spa weekend they deserve, but not you. No, you've hit your target, but looking at the numbers, you've only converted 2% of your potential and are leaving millions in revenue on the table. The bubbles can wait - you know you can get more.

While your peers are wasting time in the jacuzzi, you'll be working with Henko Labs on all manner of optimisation testing to improve conversions and get better results.